ATM Cash Management

In our desire to provide our customers with a complete business ATM solution, we handle all the cash management. We use our own cash and replenish the machines as needed to ensure in demand cash is always available. There really is nothing for you to do.

ATM Placement

For the business owners who wants an ATM without the headaches of managing its operations, American-Link has a complete turn-key placement program, all you need to do is supply a SMALL space and an outlet and American-Link will do the rest.

Placement of an ATM can be as fast as within 2-3 days.  We are always ready to deploy our ATM's at a moment notice ensuring your ready for business and don't miss a minute of revenue.

Because we use the latest machines, we can do custom installations and even provide small counter-top and wall mounted ATMs for businesses with limited space.

ATM Transactions Processing

American-Link specializes in processing cash transactions for ATM machines and manages thousands of cash transactions for local Miami-Dade and Broward county consumers daily.

As mentioned above, our platform supports wireless ATM machines, which includes the newest software & technologies such as IP, CDMA, and Wireless Mobile ATMs.

American-Link’s processing services insures maximum network uptime for its customers with virtually no downtime. We provide the most reliable wireless interface in the industry with direct connectivity to all networks, thus ensuring higher transaction approval rates and fewer denials. Miami is an international city and we are ready to process international cards

ATM Machine Products

American-Link provides top-quality ATM machines to businesses across South Florida, with our niche market being in Miami-Dade and Broward County.  We understand the special needs of consumers in the South Florida area and focus on meeting the consumers expectations. With that said, we carry the latest models of ATM machines from mini counter top, wall mounted, and outdoor ATM machines. We run the latest software so that consumers can rapidly access their accounts and withdraw cash in less than 40 seconds. We exclusively operate on a wireless cellular network, for rapid transactions and so that you do not have the added expense of a extra phone line. 

 Click here for more information on the available models of ATM machines for businesses and organizations in Miami and Broward.

ATM Service and Repair

Service is American-Link’s priority, that's why we handle all monitoring and repairs of sensitive electrical equipment. From the moment you report an error or we see it on our network, a technician is deployed to repair and ensure up-time.

Free ATM Services for Local Miami-Dade & Broward Businesses

American-Link provides complete ATM products and services to independent merchants and small business owners across Miami-Dade and Broward County.  Our products are geared to fit your specific needs and optimized to build additional foot traffic and increase cash revenue.  If you do not already have an ATM Machine in your business it will be one of the single best choices you can make for your business with a zero cash investment.  With American-Link we handle all the work and upkeep of our own ATM machines, including all required hardware and investments to get your business going.

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