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Do you provide ATM signage?

Yes! American-Link offers vast choices in signs for your ATM.

Do you offer ATM Cabinets and Enclosures?

Yes! American-Link carries the newest state of art enclosures to protect your ATM machine from weather and other damage when being placed outside. We offer numerous different options. We also carry eye-catching enclosures to help draw customers to your ATM machine. We offer beautiful wood enclosures that are stained to match whatever color the décor is in the location. It’s an easy and inexpensive way to have the machine match the overall feel of the location.

Is advertising on the ATM possible?

Yes!  Advertising on your ATM is a fast way to either make extra money, or a cost-effective way to promote products and services. With advanced ATM functions such as AD graphics, printed coupons and receipts, businesses can easily promote their specials. If the ATM machine is in your business, you can place an ad on your machine for a product, which will then ensure an increase of purchase volume of that item.  Because the Triton ATMs and most of the Hyosung ATMs are Windows based, ATM machines can create colorful ads, and coupons. Even more than just advertising on the screen and receipts, you can physically brand your ATM machine with ATM graphics or wraps and customized signage. This is a very cost-effective way to draw attention to the ATM and add transactional volume.

Typical ATM Locations:

Condominium & Rental Communities


Bars, Night Clubs, Pubs

Restaurants, Diners, & Pizzerias, Fast Food Franchises

Dry Cleaner and Laundry Mats

Supermarkets and Convenience Stores

Malls & Shopping Centers

Casinos, Stadiums, Sporting Arenas, Amusement Parks

Truck Stops and Rest Stops

Any high traffic business!

What types of Miami-Dade & Broward locations do well with an ATM?

All different types of Miami Dade and Broward locations do well with an ATM machine, but the most important thing comes down to volume! Miami businesses that often do well with ATM machines are convenience stores, restaurants, night clubs, bars, malls, etc.  However, the main thing to look at when trying to determine if your Miami business will perform well is evaluating the amount of people walking into the business daily.  Any type of business that is busy will do well with an ATM machine. The more people walking through a business, the more usage the ATM machine will get. Locations that do well too, are those with owners and employees that encourage your consumers to use the machine.

What are my warranty options?

You don’t have to worry about warranties as they are our responsibility.

How much does ATM processing cost?

Nothing! At American Link, all the processing on the machine is done free of charge by us! There are absolutely NO monthly fees.

How much do parts and service cost?

Nothing! With American-Link, ATM Service and Parts are included for FREE! We take charge of the daily operations and responsibility of the ATM, so that you can focus on running your business.

How much will my ATM cost and what ATM machine should I choose?

It will cost you absolutely nothing!  There are numerous different options for ATM machines as well as all different makes and models. At American Link, we carry all the major manufacturers of ATM machines from NCR, WRG, Hyosung, Tranax, and Triton.  All these manufacturers make all different models ranging from starter models to the through-the-wall ATM machines. There are also different mobile types of ATM machines too.  We will match the best machine for your style of business.  From simple convenience store ATM machines that can handle hundreds of transactions per month to large ATM venue machines that need to handle the demands of thousands of transactions per month, we have you covered!

The business next to mine has an ATM, why do I need one?

Because once they walkout, you have lost that sale!  If you can keep customers in your business they will stay focused on spending money in your business.  Miami Dade County customers spend as much as 40% of the monies withdrawn from ATMs at the business where the money was withdrawn.  That number goes as high as 80% in Miami-Dade, for bars and night clubs!  Why would you want those customers leaving your business?

Is having an ATM safe for my business?

Yes!  The ATMs we use at American-Link are new and state of the art.  They are tamper resistant, heavily fortified to prevent break ins, timed, and monitored 24 hours a day remotely, for this reason thieves do not even bother.  All transactions are incripted to prevent card skimming in an effort to protect your customers.

How will I know if my machine will do well in my South Florida Business?

The main thing you have to look at is how many people come into your business a day. The average usage a day is anywhere from 10-20% of people that walk by the ATM machine. Therefore, if you have over 150 people coming in your business a day, you could have between 15-20 uses a day on the ATM machine. A majority of our customer’s average at least 300 ATM transactions a month. Some of our customers see well over 2,000 transactions a month on their ATM machine. It all depends on how busy your location is and is you encourage customers to utilize it.  Most restaurants see at least 300 people a day, giving the ATM machine close to 20 uses a day. Keep in mind, you will also see a majority of the cash being withdrawn out of the ATM machine spent inside your business. So not only are you making a profit off of the surcharges on the ATM machine, but you’re also going to see more cash being spent inside your business.

Should I get an ATM machine for my business?

Yes! Even with debit and credit cards, cash will always be king!
With the increasing costs for businesses to take debit and credit cards, many businesses are looking for an alternative in bringing down cost.

Rather than paying someone a percent of your sales, why not have someone pay you? Make money and have extra cash being spent in your business. Having an ATM machine in your business will not only save you money on credit card processing, but you also will make money off of having an ATM machine in your business! Statistics show, when customers have cash in hand they will spend it!

Every time a customer uses the ATM machine, you get paid a percentage of the surcharge revenue. Your customers can make withdrawals on the ATM by using a debit card or a credit card, and can also check their balances for free on the ATM.

ATM machines are also a draw into your businesses. If someone walks by your business, they may come in just to use the ATM machine. When the customer takes money out of the ATM machine, the cash retention rate is 35-40%.  You’ll be bringing in new customers to your business all thanks to the ATM machine! Also, by having an ATM machine inside your business, you’re eliminating the risk of having credit card charge backs. Rather than accepting checks and running the risk of them bouncing, you can have your customers use the ATM machine. This way, you don’t lose the customer and gain extra cash without the risk!

With American Link there are absolutely no hidden fees. Therefore, you experience the benefit of a hassle free ATM and you also get the benefits of the extra cash revenue and spending by your customers!

We also offer signage for your business to bring more people into your business to use the ATM. We handle all the processing of the ATM machine, FREE OF CHARGE! That’s right, there are NO fees associated with having an ATM machine inside your business. We have customers making hundreds of dollars a month by having an ATM machine and that doesn’t even include the new cash spending inside their business.

How do I get started?

Our enrollment process for your free ATM is quick and easy. Just call us at 786-708-0192 and speak to one of our ATM specialists.

We can have you up and running in a matter of days. In no time you will be enjoying the same success as hundreds of customers through out Miami-Dade & Broward Counties.  Call 786-708-0192 to get started.